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We Call Thee

2 Nov

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We Call Thee (Amazon) by Jerome Brooke

November 2012

We Call Thee

We Call Thee

A circle of skyclad women meet on a deserted beach. In the chill of the night they circle a fire, chanting. They call on the power of the Goddess of the Moon. They embrace a man who they honor in their coven. They warm him momentarily with their naked forms. The time is the present.

Morgana leads the coven of Wise Women – with her brother Clay at her side. Clay is a medium who sees the past and hears the voice of those who have passed to the next world. However, Estelle becomes his lover. She comes to displace Morgana and draw Clay away from the dark power of Morgana (and the erotic rites of the Sisterhood).

Estelle visits Pompeii with Clay. There he slips into the past and hears the words of those lost when the city was destroyed. On their return Clay also senses danger for Estelle from the forces of evil.


“Hear us, Selena, Goddess of the Moon,” intoned Morgana, as she raised her firebrand into the night air.

“Thy daughters call thee!” was the response from the sisters of the coven.

The skyclad women circled the fire burning on the deserted beach. The sky was lit by a distant flash of lightning. The heavy surf pounded the rocks along the strand.  I stepped closer to the flames, and raised my hands above my head.

“Preserve us, and show us your favor!” I called as, one by one, the women embraced me.

“We call thee!” Mara, the eldest of the coven was first to fold me in her arms.

“Hear us!” Paulette, a woman of Haiti, was next to embrace me.

She was followed by the other women, one by one.




“Thou art favored by the Divine Lady,” said my sister, Morgana, her eyes flashing in the light of the fire.

* * *

We drove through the night in our van, headed to our house on the coast. Mara drew close to me, kissing my neck.

“You are so sweet; I could eat you up, Clay!”  Mara whispered.  “Wait till we get home.”

We pulled up the drive. We rinsed off the sand outside, on the patio, and then went inside. We filled the tub in the spa, and soaked for a time.

Mara helped me with a towel, and then drew me into the bedroom. Morgana joined us on the futon, as we cuddled up.   Tomorrow would be busy – I had a reading.



Pompeii is in a sense a “star gate,” an opening to another time and realm. People can experience another reality there. Other “points of power” are Stonehenge, Lourdes, Cahokia and the little known lost Kingdom of Nan.

Jerome Brooke lives in the Kingdom of Siam. He is the consort of Jira – a princess of the lost Kingdom of Nan. Nan lies in the highlands far to the north of Bangkok. The remote and isolated region still has its own royal family. The blood of its ruling dynasty flows in many of its people – people who trace their families back generations into the dim past.

Jerry has written The City of the Mirage (BtGN) and many other books. He has two children. He has time to write since he is retired, and has a full time Nanny.  

Jerome writes fantasy stories and books – and also is trying other genres. He prefers shorter works that might be read in a single evening. In the old days Jerry would go to the bookstore and buy paperbacks. However, a brave new world of eBooks is being born. He would read part of the book and leave it by his bed to finish. With eBooks, shorter tales work better!

 November 2012

Jerome Brooke

Jerome Brooke has also written The City of the Mirage.

The City of the Mirage (Books to Go Now) by Jerome Brooke is now on Amazon.

The Divine Astarte is one of the last of her race. Her people sailed to the stars long ago, and seeded many worlds with life. She rules a vast empire of the stars. She calls the Warrior to fight at her side.

Astarte is served by a legion of shield maidens, cruel warriors feared by all. They view men as weak, and commit many atrocities. Captives are impaled or enslaved. The lucky become camp followers.

Jerome Brooke

November 2012