The Lost Kingdom of Nan

28 Oct

The Lost Kingdom of Nan

The River Nan

The Lost Kingdom of Nan lies far to the north of Bangkok


Nan lies close to the border of Thailand and Laos

The Teak House, owned by the King of Nan

The Teak House, a residence of the King of Nan

Jira, Princess of Nan

Her Royal Majesty, Jira, Princess of

the lost Kingdom of Nan

Jira is the Principle Teacher of a public school.


Jirachaya is the only child of the Princess Jira

Rice Land

The fields along the River Nan are rich and bountiful


Nan is in the north of Thailand – close to China, Laos and Burma

October is the time of the Dragon Boat races in Nan.  

The River of Nan

The River Nan

The River Nan flows – the River Gods oblivious to the wars and travails of the Siamese and the men of the West

The Hill people of the Highlands live as they have always lived

The Hill People

Remote – the Kingdom of Nan remains lost in the hills and unknown to the world.

The Hills of Nan

The rugged hills of the Nan region.

The lost Kingdom of Nan lies in the highlands 1000 kilometers to the north of Bangkok – a day by automobile or bus. October is the time of the Dragon Festival. Dragon Boat races are held in the broad River Nan during this time. The dragon boats are long canoes with men using paddles. The boats were warships long ago.

Nan was long an independent kingdom, and still has its own royal family. Only recently was Nan incorporated as a province of Thailand. Even now Nan is isolated, and its people have been there since time out of mind. Many of its people have a few drops of the old royal blood. The kings and magnates had many wives and concubines – over the centuries.

The Siamese live in the valley along the banks of the river. The Hill people dwell in the remote areas. The Hill Tribes with their gardens eke out a living. The tribes sell bamboo fiber locally and to factories. The children have little chance of an education or escape. The proud Siamese view them with disdain – as they do much of the rest of the world! Thailand has a long history of freedom and peace – very rare for the Far East.

The Siamese see blond hair and blue eyes as attractive. Eurasian girls often win beauty pageants in Siam and Nan. Many Siamese women marry men of the West.

Even now, Nan is remote and hard to reach.  Much of the Highlands is almost unpopulated. There are folk tales of the feared Yetis. Even now, they are sometimes seen.

The people until recently took their laundry to the banks of the River Nan. The broad river passes through the fertile fields of the Nan valley. The river then races down the slopes to the interior and to the sea. The troubles and triumphs of the Siamese and the men of the West are of little concern to its gods. The people of the Nan to gain merit release birds from their cages to soar into the sky. They also free fish and turtles into the river to seek their place in the universe – as men seek theirs.

Jerome Brooke lives in the Kingdom of Siam. He is the consort of Jira, Princess of the lost Kingdom of Nan. He has written The City of the Mirage (Books to Go Now) and many other books.

Jerome and his family were recently on vacation in Nan. The sober Siamese were willing to kindly tolerate the whimsies of a poet and dreamer – one who is clearly a little mad. A dear friend, Kathy, escorted the family to the fine museum and art gallery of the province.

Jirachaya is the only child of Jira. She is beloved by her future subjects, and reigns supreme in the remote Nan region. She has been crowned in Nan as Miss Superstar 2011. The beauty of Eurasian girls is much admired in the Kingdoms. People of Nan and Siam often speak of her beauty, and come in numbers to see her when she visits an area of rural Thailand or the Highlands.



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